5 Reality-Shifting Truths on Happiness That Have Changed My Life the Most

A shift from “dependence” to non-dependence” has changed my approach to life

Thomas Oppong
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The day I understood that my life satisfaction is my own responsibility, I took complete control of what I needed to be happy. No one can “make” me happy. I have been using the “inside-out” approach to happiness for years.

Entrepreneur and investor Naval Ravikant, could not be more right when he said, “You don’t need anything or anyone to make you happy.” (1)

The “non-dependence” mindset for happiness means taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Or better still, finding your own sources of happiness and taking control of what makes you come alive.

True fulfilment comes from within.

No one should have that much power to “make” you happy. It doesn’t mean isolating yourself. You need great people in your life.

What it does mean is that you should choose your “inner circle” of influence carefully. You have the right to cut off toxic relationships that make you feel worse about yourself.

I wouldn’t be fully alive without the people or any other human in my life. Commit to a few great connections you can truly enjoy each…



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