There are many roads to many successful lives

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There are basic principles in life— successful people apply them differently.

What works for Warren Buffett may not necessarily work for Ray Dalio. They are both extremely successful investors but they are pursuing different goals. They have a lot in common but they apply the fundamental investment principles differently.

I apply their investment lessons based on my investment goals and values. I like index funds, but you might prefer individual stocks — there’s no right or universal way way to invest.

We can all learn a lot from both Buffett and Dalio to make better investment decisions. I’m rereading Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio but in the end, I will apply his principles that work for my specific circumstances. …

Spend more time on yourself by reading these books

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Whether you are currently living your life on purpose, know what you want in life or you are still discovering your life’s work, this list will help you find clarity and build your ideal future.

These are some of the books I truly believe can help improve and change your future. Each in their own way brings across a powerful message that has the potential to change how you re-design your life.

Want to feel more satisfied with life in 2021? Spend more time on yourself by reading these life-changing books.

1. Life has questions. Bill and Dave have answers

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave…

New ways to see the world, understand ourselves, and become smarter

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Reading is one of the best ways to enrich the mind.

There is nothing more satisfying than reading a great book that’s not only enjoyable, but that also imparts lasting knowledge. If you’re looking for a way to boost your knowledge, invest time and energy in reading thought-provoking books.

According to Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist, there is not one measure of intelligence, but nine. That means if you value intelligence and your goal is to broaden your knowledge about the world and our place in it, you have to feed every aspect of your intellect.

The thought-provoking books below can broaden your knowledge and enhance your level of intelligence. They are perfect for anyone with a curious mind and a passion for learning. I’ve added one or two of my favourite quotes from each book. …


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