Building habits in small ways is a sustainable approach that doesn’t overwhelm your brain.

Building better habits is hard, especially in the beginning. Sprints don’t work. Massive changes hardly work. Aiming for one giant step doesn’t end well. Many people rely on habit building systems to start new healthy habits.

A great system can give your willpower a break, so you can focus on…

Reading is not a race — make time to learn, recall and think

Thinking, Fast and Slow. Thinking in Bets. Skin in the Game. Great Thinkers. The Laws of Human Nature. The Intelligent Investor. Zero to One.

These are great books that require multiple reads to deeply understand the fantastic ideas the authors want us to comprehend.

Reading a lot of great books…

A few principles, routines, rituals and habits practiced daily can change your life

Success is a few habits repeated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Repeating what works makes a massive difference for successful people.

Ray Dalio wrote about his habits, routines, and successful behaviours in Principles: Life and Work.

He swears by foundation principles.

“Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations…

What’s more important for a better life: health, happiness, wealth, family, or career success?

Your best life is hidden in the questions you are not asking. More often than not, we desperately look for answers to our problems and issues in life.

Not many people ponder over some of life’s most important questions. Good questions can help you design a better trajectory for life.

Thomas Oppong

Writer/Curator | Learning | Habits | Productivity | As seen on Business Insider, Entrepreneur & Inc. For my popular essays, go here:

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