Alive Time — An Antidote to Meaninglessness

For every minute you spend on dead experiences, you lose 60 seconds of your life

Thomas Oppong


Artwork: Wood with Beech Trees (1899) by Piet Mondrian

Time is finite, and the pressures of work, home and other responsibilities often leave us feeling like we have no time left to enjoy life. An over-scheduled life and stress-inducing routine bring out the worst in us.

There are tons of things that take up our time but don’t leave us feeling fulfilled or happy; they just make us feel bored and empty inside.

It’s not that these activities are bad; they just don’t serve a greater purpose in our lives right now.

Have you ever felt that your life has become so hectic, busy and chaotic? There is hardly any time to relax, reflect, or just be yourself. You are probably stuck in dead time that adds little or no value to your life.

When you are trapped in dead time, you rush from one activity to another without giving your inner self the attention it deserves to find fulfilment. You go through the motion in life without growing or learning.

Alive time is the many (of few) time investments that genuinely fulfil us or make us come alive or lose ourselves. There are so many ways we can use our time more effectively and make it go further.

Alive time is subjective — it means different things to many people. Some people spend their alive time exploring, pursuing their curiosities, meeting new people, and having exciting adventures.

Others may spend their alive time pursuing meaningful work they deeply enjoy. Your perception of the meaning of life determines how you spend your alive time.

Whether your goal is to find a fulfilling career, build meaningful relationships or simply find more peace and balance in your life, investing in experiences, events, tasks and skills that bring out the best in you is the best use of your time.

Be mindful of dead and alive time zones

One way to make time for “alive time” is by prioritising your tasks and activities. Set aside time for nature walks, outdoor activities that make you lose yourself and experiences you deeply value in life, and exercises that improve your…



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