Learn to become a doer who can think clearly

What you do changes the trajectory of your life — not what you think.

Don’t get me wrong; smart thinking influences our actions more than we think. But to make real change that gets you close to what you want, you have to take become a doer.

Aristotle was right…

Total immersion is how you learn from great authors

Reading books and insightful essays is my favourite pastime.

I read on my phone, swipe through pages on my iPad. And read physical books in the morning just before deep work and in the evening before bed.

I also read whenever I get the chance in the day. Over 90…

Building habits in small ways is a sustainable approach that doesn’t overwhelm your brain.

Building better habits is hard, especially in the beginning. Sprints don’t work. Massive changes hardly work. Aiming for one giant step doesn’t end well. Many people rely on habit building systems to start new healthy habits.

A great system can give your willpower a break, so you can focus on…

Reading is not a race — make time to learn, recall and think

Thinking, Fast and Slow. Thinking in Bets. Skin in the Game. Great Thinkers. The Laws of Human Nature. The Intelligent Investor. Zero to One.

These are great books that require multiple reads to deeply understand the fantastic ideas the authors want us to comprehend.

Reading a lot of great books…

Analytical reading improves critical thinking

Reading is one of the best ways to gain knowledge.

There are two ways to read — active reading and passive reading.

If you are reading for pleasure, you want to enjoy the experience, lose yourself in the book and follow the journey with the author.

I’m not good at…

Every successful life is full of systems for making progress

Nature is not random or spontaneous.

It’s a series of systems working in a specific order, according to specific scientific laws. Everything in nature follows a pattern.

The cycle of rain, snow and sunshine are systems.

The human life cycle is a complex system made up of smaller systems working…

Intentional learning is quickly becoming a lost art

The famous quote, “knowledge is power”, was coined by Francis Bacon in 1597. It’s a great reminder to acquire good knowledge for life.

But it’s the application of power (knowledge) that changes lives.

In the age of knowledge abundance, we waste a lot of time on useless knowledge. It can…

Like a healthy portfolio, life is a long game — be patient and allocate your time wisely

Better diversification works for many investors.

It reduces risks and protects your money whilst you take advantage of compound interest for as long as possible.

But great investors don’t over-diversify— it can reduce your returns without meaningfully decreasing its risk.

Diversification works better if you know what product to pick…

Don’t be bound by the same perspectives or stuck in the same thinking process for life

The right thinking tools, principles and models can improve your reasoning and decision-making process at home and at work, every day.

You can’t change anything if you can’t change your thinking. And you cannot change your thinking if you don’t have a new set of thinking tools.

John Locke was…

Change is necessary, but scary, even for people who want it

“Life is flux.”

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher of the late 6th century BCE, said that.

“There is nothing permanent except change,” he said.

Life and everything around us are constantly evolving, with or without our permission. But the outcome is not always obvious.

Like time, life flows forward. …

Thomas Oppong

Writer & Curator | Learning | Habits | Productivity | As seen on Business Insider, Forbes and Pocket. For my popular essays, go here: https://thomasoppong.com

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